stop the stigma.


anxiety. mood swings. therapy.
birth control. STDs. menstruation.

Do these words make you feel uncomfortable? They shouldn't.

In modern America, there's a stigma around topics such as mental and sexual health. And frankly, that's ridiculous. As human beings, these are things we all deal with. We tell people when we get the flu without even thinking about it – why should we feel any differently when talking about anxiety? Or sex?

there's an app for that.

The road to completely removing stigma will be long. We've taken the first step with our app, Just Health. 

Students can answer questions about their health – all aspects of it. And clinicians can gain meaningful insight to help students be their healthiest self.


of those with a mental health disorder go untreated.

1 in 4

teens have had an STD; most don't even realize it.

stigmas are dangerous.

Every day, people with mental disorders go untreated. People feel sad, or abnormal, or angry – but they don't do anything about it.

People don't get checked for STDs. Or they don't talk to their partners about birth control or sexual boundaries.

The fear of judgement is powerful, and it is dangerous. We're all humans. We all have issues. Let's stop judging and start supporting.

mental health is just health.

sexual health is just health.

strength in numbers.

Together, we can change things.

Let's shower the social networks with #stopthestigma.

Let's be bold and show people that we aren't afraid.

And most importantly, let's start actually talking about these things. From anxiety to addiction to periods to gonorrhea – it's all just health.